About Billow

People and brands around the world are rising with the demand for quality garments, fair wages, safe working conditions, and a respect for our natural resources. But what happens if brands change, but our habits do not? Slow fashion demands a different approach.

In seeking to step out of the hustle of consumerism and into an exploration of beauty, we are building an awareness of process, and the reltionship between makers, designers, and consumers. Billow seeks to be a gentle, but arresting breeze in this movement to rejuvenate our vision for the method and place of fashion in our lives.

You won’t find spreadsheets, wear counts, or the formula for a capsule wardrobe here, but a chance to pair these tools (or not) with an introspective look at your own intuitive style, and honor the dichotomous nature of style as both intensely personal and undeniably communal.

Billow is a place of brimming abundance without clutter, spilling inspiration and life into your closet and out into your community and the world. Join us as we craft a better vision for consumers.


Thirtieth birthday at Mustang Island State Park, May 18th, 2017

Thirtieth birthday at Mustang Island State Park, May 18th, 2017

ABout the author

Mary Strecker is an Anglican mother to three boys, black coffee/matcha/dark beer/corona/margarita drinker, hoarder at heart, minimalist in practice, newly into camping, with a deep love of process. Both Mary and her husband of 8 years are southern Ohio natives who currently call Waco, Texas, home.