In my pocket this week, VOLUME ONE

Some carry loose change in their pockets, chapstick, or a ticket stub from that amazing concert. Maybe there's a grocery list, a receipt from your morning coffee date, or a pacifier. What about a wilted wildflower your toddler picked for you, some sand from the beach, or a plastic dinosaur? Metaphorically speaking, maybe you've got sunshine in your pocket, like Justin Timberlake. No matter, there are little smatterings of our days and the people that were in them peeking out over the edge. Doing a weekly recap of some kind is not a new thing among bloggers, but it is one of my favorite features of the ones I follow. It's a way to catch the little things in a virtual basket; things that might not be worthy of a full-on post, but they're worth talking about in their own right because of their beauty, the lessons they taught, or the joy that they gave. For Tsh, it's a question at the end of her podcast, The Simple Show: "What is making you happy right now?" Erin shares about her week through objects, and for Haley it's a collection of the moments of daily life with her family and friends. I am sure you could add a number of other examples to this brief list, and in fact, please do! I would love to know about the writers who inspire you.

Rest assured I am not going to literally empty my pockets each week and write a list for you (snore!), but I do want to share some of the highlights; some of the things that are making me happy right now, and some of the sweet moments with my boys. I also want to have a little space to express some of the areas that I want to explore and learn more about, and some of the things I want to be better at and skills I want to acquire. I am constantly being inspired by my friends, books I'm reading, podcasts I'm listening to, and conversations I'm having. Ideas are sparked, seeds are planted, and I want to have a space for those things that are in process.

Welcome to my virtual pocket!


The relationship between producing and consuming, which was a timely insight for me this week as I've been dedicating hours of my day to writing and creating.

Memorization, and how to begin. I think I'd like to start working through elements of the liturgy so that my children are able to more fully participate in worship on Sundays.

Poetry and why it feels so illusive to me. This list of poetry collections looks like a good place to start. Poetry nerds, teach me!


My mornings at the coffee shop near our apartment. I have never done something like spend time at a coffee shop one day a week, let alone something so indulgent as five, and it has been downright good for my soul.

Creating this space. I feel alive when I am writing, and I am so thankful that you take time to read my thoughts, and engage in conversation with me.

Suzanne Bowen Fitness, because pregnancy is long, and Suzanne's workouts let me forget that for a few hours.

Playing with a camera lens on loan from a friend, and capturing some of the sweet moments of our week.

My new Everlane Tee that lets me shade my bump under a cozy tent of breezy knit. You can thank Bruns for the photo. He doesn't care so much about my face as he does about getting a good shot of the baby these days.



Reading aloud more to my boys. Nothing makes me feel more on my mom-game than reading good things to my sons. We are working through the Chronicles of Narnia currently, and just finished Prince Caspian. We will start The Voyage of the Dawn Treader next. This week we started reading My Father's Dragon by Ruth Stiles Gannett.

Party prep for the boys this weekend. I don't do well with lots of planning, because quite frankly I'm bad at it and typically let my stress levels rise. I am working on keeping lists and pacing myself with tasks this week so I can rest and enjoy the weekend with friends.


Speaking of pockets... take a listen to G.K. Chesterton's essay on the subject.