Minimalist Baby Gear Alternatives


It's a pretty fabulous thing planning for not only a third baby, but a third baby who is the same sex as your first two. Our needs are few. We have a heaping drawer of clothes ready to go, ranging from newborn to 6 months, and a drawer below that for cloth diapers. However, with a 4 year gap between children, and two domestic and one international moves thrown in there somewhere, there were a few things we had parted with at some point or that broke and were never replaced. When looking for baby gear I ask myself a few specific questions. They may be helpful for you as well whether you are a first time parent, a seasoned one, or perhaps planning a gift for a friend. 

  1. What is the longevity of this item? Is it timeless? Can it be passed on? (It is a common misconception that babies and kids will wear an item so thoroughly that it will be beyond use for another child or family. Maybe your investment will prove to be a great blessing for someone else later).
  2. Is this a single-function item or can it be used for different purposes?
  3. Is it necessary, or can we do without?

Not all of our items meet every one of these criteria, but they always meet the last one. Only you can determine what is necessary for you and your baby. For example, a diaper sprayer for cloth-diapering parents might not technically be necessary, but it's on our list because it is necessary for me to stay sane, ya know?

Here are 3 items that we are buying, and which are multi-purpose in their use and great for those who need compact items for small home or apartment living. After all, even minimalists need baby gear.

Baby bath / This falls under the category of things that are simply necessary, unless of course you have a great sink space ideal for washing babies. We don't have one of those, so we're opting for this collapsible tub by Boon. In the meantime, we have a tub that was given to us that is a bit unwieldy, but will do the job if finances don't line up for this purchase.


Nursing/grocery cart/car seat cover / I love The Nest by Native Wilds, a USA made company based in Nashville, TN. They have a beautiful neutral collection that can fit the taste of just about any parent (Dads can use these, too!). Mostly I am getting this because it is high time for a nursing cover upgrade for this mama, but I'm also really excited about the versatility with this design and expect it will be a must-have item in my baby bag. Now to decide on the color!


Go-Pod by KidCo / We're opting for a little camping aesthetic and ultimate portability with this exersaucer alternative. Packs easily, works indoors or out, and has little tabs on which to put your babe's favorite toys. I love how the surface area can be customized for your little one's age and interests, and the color options aren't too shabby.


Baggu Pouches / This isn't technically a baby gear alternative, per se, but I'm including it because using pouches to keep your on-the-go baby items organized means any bag works (yet another way to get some versatility with your baby gear). How on earth am I supposed to keep track of loose items in a bag for 1 child, let alone three? This is a baby bag solution I plan on implementing this time around. Here is a great example of the pouch system in action.

Do you have any minimalist gear recommendations? What has worked for you?