In my pocket this week, VOLUME FIVE

Last week was a doozy, and though I can always write about something, that doesn't mean I need to clutter up someone else's life with the details. So here's the best of the last two weeks.

Thinking on

This video about the gravity of our eating habits. Food is a constant challenge for me, and this video hit home. A good reminder to strive for better eating habits and less indulging.

Skin health. Occasionally I get smart and realize that no amount of product is going to give me a healthy glow. I know that I have to start from the inside. I've been finding myself drawn to articles about healthy skin, and what steps actually make a difference.

The reality of homeschooling. These first two weeks have been much different than I anticipated. They've been good, but our smooth summer schedule met it's demise, and I don't think we'll be able to establish a regular routine again for a while. It's for the best reasons, mostly, so I don't regret it. It's just teaching me to make the most of what time we have. Sometimes you have to toss the plan out the window, and just run with it. This morning Bruno brought our history book to me while I was eating breakfast, turned to a page, and said, "Mama, what is a Nomad?" (He was testing me, as I've been asking him the same question all week). After I answered correctly, he said, "Let me tell you a story about a Nomad." It was delightful, and contained information he had gathered from talking about Nomads this week. What a sweet moment. This is why I am doing this homeschool thing. Even just a little bit of instruction and the introduction of new ideas can make a big splash in a child's brain.

If you are planning to use the Story of the World program for history, this Ancient Times Video Supplements list is a fantastic resource. We watched a documentary style youtube video on Nomads this week and it was a great success.

Challenged by

Charlotte Mason, again. This time, she's really been convicting me, my personality, and my mood. I have been "the child" this week.

"Children should be encouraged not to take notice of minor discomforts such as cold, scratchy clothing, fatigue. Learning fortitude will prevent them from being discontent and growing into hypochondriacs. Children who are constantly aware of how uncomfortable by making them endure discomfort like Spartans did, but to draw their focus away from themselves. They can learn to think of something else rather than how uncomfortable they feel or how unfairly they've been treated. They do better to think about others and how to share and give, or their own duties and the rights of others. A child focused on others rather than himself will remain a humble child." Chapter 26, Parents and Children, Volume 2—The Eternal Child pg. 280

As a cure, I propose I begin periodically subjecting myself to camping—until I like it.

Preparing for

Visitors. We've had a long drought, but no more! We picked up my in-laws from the airport yesterday, and then at the beginning of August my whole family is coming to Waco for a family vacation. We've been doing furniture assembly, which is admittedly more for my sanity than for that of our visitors, and have been cleaning out and tidying up.

Cody read this short book on productivity last week and has set us up with some new systems. (I've been instructed to read it, it's that good). The most life-altering of which has been Todoist, a task managing app. Suddenly, doctors appointments are being made, electronics are at long last being recycled at Best Buy, and I actually vacuumed our entire bedroom floor in one session. I vacuum a lot, but I think this was the first time I got to do the whole thing in one swoop. It was glorious. I think Todoist may be one of the best things to happen to our marriage, and I'm not even kidding. We are both using it, and there's no more nagging or griping or subtle frustration with each other. Things are put on our lists, and they get done at the next possible opportunity.

On Sunday I was showing signs of preterm labor. It was a bit scary for a little while, but things settled down. It made me realize that I should at least put that pile of baby clothes in a bag, so we have something to clothe our newest human in should the urge to meet us earlier rather than later strike him.

Okay, so yes, we're struggling with the practical side of preparation, but mentally and physically, I am so ready to bring this baby into the world, and not just because I feel like a whale. (Although I do think some amount of misery at the end of pregnancy is necessary as it helps shove our inhibitions and fears to the side for the sake of finally arriving at our long-sought-after destination). In the meantime, I'm enjoying where we are right now. I'm enjoying all this decluttering and task managing. I'm enjoying preparing for and spending time with visitors. I'm enjoying typing with two hands, and quiet days not ruled by nap schedules. Things are sweet, so I am not wishing these last weeks away.

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